Oil & Gas

Pipeline | Refinery

Oil and gas companies face the challenge of a remote workforce working along a pipeline in hostile environments, while also operating large refineries that require constant monitoring. TR has solutions that improve safety and productivity to suit both scenarios.


Remote Voice
With workers based in remote locations, it is vital that they stay safe. Suitable communications are integral to building confidence in workers. TR offers a range of remote communications solutions including satellite phones for voice communications backed up with SOS and GPS tracking services.

Remote Data
Remote workforces need to stay connected to the internet and be able to send information in real time and not wait until they are back in 3G/ 4G coverage areas. Satellite Data terminals allow workers to email and access the internet.


Noise Cancellation
In the refinery, messages need to be heard the first time, even in noisy environments. TR provides Motorola radios with the highest level of noise cancelling, so regardless of whether you’re next to plant equipment or near loud machinery, your message will get through with clarity first time.

Rugged Design
For local communications, it is crucial that radios are reliable. TR provides rugged Motorola radios with an IP67 rating which can be IECEx rated to work in hazardous environments and all conditions.

All Call
With staff operating on different channels at the refinery, it is vital that important operational and safety messages get through quickly and to everyone simultaneously. TR can provide radios with All Call functionality that brings all radio users onto the same message.

Immediate Equipment Replacements
As radios are business-critical tools, if you purchase a radio that becomes faulty or damaged and needs to be sent away to the manufacturer for repair, it may take 3- 4 weeks before it is returned. What are your options while it is being repaired?
1. Buy another unit at considerable cost?
2. A worker has no radio meaning they are less productive and are at greater safety risk of an incident?
TR offers immediate replacement of all our equipment, regardless of whether it’s faulty or damaged. This reduces your downtime and ensures that site safety and productivity are maintained.

During turnarounds and shutdowns, external contractors come onto site and are required to use suitable radio communications. TR can quickly provide radios to the mine or to the contractors to cover projects. This is more economical than purchasing or having contractors without radios.

Vehicle-Worker Safety
One of the most hazardous areas on any site is workers operating around a plant or small vehicles. TR provides an easy to deploy vehicle mounted-system (Sensor Zone) that alerts the driver when a worker is in close proximity, while also alerting the worker of the hazard.

Site Emergency Systems
If there is an incident at the refinery, it is crucial that site management is notified immediately. TR provides site emergency systems that not only notify management but can also be activated to sound an alarm or provide announcements via a PA system, increasing evacuation efficiency.

Remote Voice/Tracking
With workers in remote parts of the mine site, it is vital that they are safe. Suitable communications are integral to building confidence in workers. TR offers a range of remote communications solutions including satellite phones for voice communications backed up with SOS and GPS tracking services.

Management Software
Real time data is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Having as much information as possible from one source, on one screen is what businesses need. TR provides management software which is an all-in-one solution with the following benefits:

  • Voice & Messaging Dispatch allows the control room operator to talk and message radio users through a PC, laptop, or tablet, removing bulky radios from work areas.
  • Voice Recording allows the control room operations and management to replay messages during important scenarios for review.
  • Private Calling allows control room operations to call one radio user without disrupting others.
  • GPS Tracking can track staff movement in real time.
  • Machine Alarm Monitoring & Job Ticketing allows the control operators to send a job ticket to the nearest maintenance worker (utilising GPS tracking) so that machines are bought back on line as quickly as possible.
  • Worker Alerts such as duress, lone worker, and man down can be sent directly to the control room for action. Utilising GPS tracking, they can find the worker and allocate emergency staff to their location quickly.
  • Exclusion Zones can be set up around the site and alerts can be sent to the control room if a radio user enters this area.