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Rapid Command

Boost efficiency and ensure the safety of your enterprise with Rapid Command, a dynamic fleet management suite on your desktop computer.

Featuring a robust mapping solution, Rapid Command delivers situational awareness by integrating Google Maps and delivering real-time traffic data.

Rapid Command’s intuitive display and user interface makes it easy to monitor users by providing accurate and timely data, while offering a host of features including group transmissions, private calls, alerts, alarms, and broadcasts to multiple groups.

The ideal solution to enhance your workforce, Rapid Command will revolutionise and accelerate the performance of your team.

  • Google Maps integration, GPS location services, multi view, real time traffic
  • User presence: online status, group and transmission status
  • Emergency alerts including distress calls, lone worker, zone worker and man down
  • Instant text messaging to groups and individuals
  • Send / receive files between groups and individual users
  • Current or last known location with time stamps
  • Speed and direction of users
  • GPS coordinate histories, breadcrumbs on map
  • Event logs
  • Intuitive geofencing and notifications
  • Voice replay across all groups and users
  • Instant group PTT
  • Instant private individual calls

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