Put Safety First With SensorZone

Protect personnel and discover the leading anti-collision safety system with proximity warning technology

SensorZone is a proximity warning system that has been specially developed to prevent collisions between plant and site workers. SensorZone’s proven technology features an audible and visual warning system that enhances the safety of any site where people and vehicles are in close proximity.

Applications for SensorZone

SensorZone can be used across a range of industries and applications. These include construction, waste and recycling, quarries and aggregates, logistics and industrial, warehousing, rail, and utilities.

How does SensorZone work?

SensorZone uses radio frequency technology to create an invisible detection field around a vehicle, machine, or restricted area. The machine operator is alerted by an audio and visual alarm if any personnel wearing a transponder enters the detection zone. The breach is recorded and work can be halted to prevent workers from suffering injury.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of workplace transport accidents
  • Complements existing safety measures
  • Data recording and analysis of incidents
  • Customisable detection zones including 360° protection

Features Include:

  • Total warning solution
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Fully configurable to meet application requirements
  • Alarm alerts if tag-wearing personnel breaches safety zone

Sensor Zone - Proximity Warning System

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