RAPID Audio Bridge

A cost effective and simple-to-deploy solution to expand your fleet’s radio coverage.

TR Hirecom have the solution to supplement your existing LMR radio fleet to enable wide area coverage solutions. Instead of a complete hardware overhaul, this solution enables additional wide area communication devices to be added to your fleet as needed to expand your communication capabilities.

Key Benefits:
  • Incorporate wide area devices to your fleet without a complete hardware overhaul
  • Suitable for any LMR legacy systems
  • Simple to deploy

How It Works?

The Rapid Radio Audio Bride is suitable for all LMR legacy systems and the devices can be programmed to licenced CB channels, and non-license CB channels as the solution is only dependant on the donor radio frequency.

The end user is at all times responsible to ensure they are authorised to transmit, receive and broadcast on the LMR frequencies associated with the donor radio.