RAPID Next Generation Radio

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Two-way radios are perfect partners for business, and choosing the right system will maximise your productivity. RAPID technology is the latest evolution in one-to-many instant communications. Delivering expanded data and coverage capabilities, it allows you to re-imagine the future of your two-way communications.

RAPID is an all-new, all-in-one solution that combines the benefits of smart-phone technology with cellular network infrastructure. It helps you share more and deliver more, wherever you are. With advanced solutions including a powerful fleet management system, you can manage teams and vehicles more easily with features such as integrated Google Maps to increase situational awareness.

Discover RAPID benefits including:

  • One-to-many instant communications
  • Instant secure voice and data group communications
  • Secure and reliable network
  • Easy set-up and deployment
  • Simple push-to-talk functionality
  • Always on, ready to talk
  • Future proof solution with regular updates
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