Wide Area Radio Solutions

Traditional wide-area radio systems were limited in their coverage due to the vast landscape and need to erect a network of radio repeaters at considerable cost. TR provides wide-area coverage communication that uses Australian public cellular networks as its backbone. This means radio users can now enjoy extended coverage and transmit and receive messages wherever 3G/4G exists.

Traditional in-vehicle radio setups required on-going maintenance from outside radio companies, with units being installed requiring drilling into the vehicle itself to feed and integrate the wiring. External antennas are constantly replaced by outside radio companies, due to damage that occurs during a shift. With TR’s vehicle radios, all units can easily be installed by the customer in under 10 minutes with no external antennas to manage or replace, which saves thousands of dollars on maintenance per year.

For wide area radio requirements outside of a vehicle, TR offers a range of portable options and accessories such as earpieces or remote speaker microphones.
In hazardous environments where wide area coverage is required, TR has solutions to ensure you have reliable communications.