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Two Way Radio Area Wide Networks

area wide network capability
TR Hirecom has the latest range of network capable two way radios for area wide solutions.


Two-Way Radio over Internet Protocol

Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) is a unique system that enables customers to transmit and receive secure two-way communication through Private and Public Wi-Fi and Public Cellular networks. Transitioning to this state-of-the-art network capability is a breeze; take advantage of a host of benefits including:

  • Easy migration
  • Advanced interoperability
  • Increased communications system flexibility
  • Secure connections
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Greater capacity
  • Global coverage
  • Instant call up-take
  • High speed data

TR Hirecom provides a wide range of rugged PTT user devices that are ideal for an enhanced RoIP network communications system. Some of these products include LTE radios, smart phone devices, as well as dispatcher systems. Talk to one of our experienced team members so we can help you determine the right communications solution for you.


Telstra Fleetcoms Commercial Radio Services

Used by businesses that require instant and inexpensive two way voice communications for vehicle fleets.

Fleetcoms is a national trunked two way radio network operating in major cities around Australia and allows users to make and receive radio and/or telephone calls to other users or defined workgroups.

Features that put you in control:

  • Wide area coverage

  • Choice of coverage

  • Manageable cost control

  • Talk to one, some or everyone

  • Track your fleet

  • Emergency calling

  • Data calls

  • Efficient remote monitoring

Coverage areas include New South WalesQueensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.


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