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Proximity Alert System

BodyGuardProximity Alert SystemThe BodyGuard Proximity Alert System reduces the risk of on-site collisions and promotes a stronger safety culture. Developed by BodyGuard, the proximity warning features of this system increase the safety and efficiency of operations by alerting drivers when pedestrians are within an unsafe distance to a vehicle. The proximity warning features overcome the challenges of driver inattention, poor visibility, and worker non-compliance within exclusion areas.

This system includes:

  • Cab Alert unit
  • Speaker
  • Tags
  • One or more Sensor units
  • BodyGuard Test Station

Key features:

  • Safety zone detection range 2.5 m to 9 m
  • Audible and visual warning alarms
  • Logging option for recording the event history
  • Mute button enables driver to communicate with pedestrian

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