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Rental Expertise


Consulting and Planning

Our experienced project managers work with you right from the planning stage. Consultancy begins with analysis of your specific two way communications demands and, based upon your needs, we choose the appropriate technologies and systems. Taking the entire project into consideration, we develop an infrastructure and then design a two way communications plan from start to finish.

Our full-service approach also includes personnel, logistics, frequency coordination and working with the local regulatory authorities and organisations concerning your event.


Frequency Management

TR Hirecom has the know-how, the personnel, technical equipment (simulation software, monitor and test equipment) and resources to offer services spanning from consultancy to complete on-site service and planning to operation of all RF equipment.


Logistics and Operations

Our professional management team offers a comprehensive list of two way communications services and thoroughly trained personnel to organise the operation and service of all radio and repeater equipment, including local training, support and transport.


ISO9001 Quality Assurance (Australia)

A Quality Assured company since 1995, TR Hirecom adhere to a stringent code of practice that ensures everything is done to an exacting standard.




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